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Vision and Mission of the Institute

The mission of the Institute is, by means of the processes of education, training, health and nursing care, medical rehabilitation, psychological and social care, employment under special conditions and by processes of social care, to contribute to the full development of persons with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities and to enable their social inclusion in line with their abilities, as well as to provide them with social security.

Since 2009, this mission also includes persons who suffered a traumatic head injury.

Foundations on which the vision for the Institute development is based lie in the social model of care for people with intellectual disabilities.

Our goal is to change and develop in accordance with the objective needs of users, and to provide them with assistance and support, which will meet the standards of the normalization principle and observe the philosophy of inclusion.

 The development of Institute will focus on:

  • Deinstitutionalization (accomotation of users in group homes),
  • Development of daily forms of training and care,
  • Supported employment under special conditions in a normal environment,
  • Increasing the autonomy and individual rights of users,
  • Development of adult education and training,
  • Development of alternative (new) treatment programs which will prevent institutionalization.