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Institute Today

The Institute is a modern centre with developed programs and models of comprehensive care for children, adolescents and adults with moderate, severe and profound intellectual disabilities. The Institute accepts users from the entire area of the Republic of Slovenia, while the domicile scope of the Institute is NE Slovenia.

Work in the Institute is based on the principle of interdisciplinary and sensitive treatments, which are intended to meet the objective needs of people with intellectual disabilities and their parents. Starting from this concept, the Institute developed into a center of various programs, services, designs and models of assistance, which creates conditions for the development of objective factors with respect to quality of life; individualized treatment, professional personnel and material conditions for training.

The main objective of the Institute is, by means of appropriate treatment, create conditions for the development of users, and in line with their objective possibilities and needs, to allow them accessible content of everyday life in a manner and under conditions which are to the highest possible extent similar to the conditions of people who do not have these disorders.

Capacity of the Institute is 410 residents; it's purpose is institutional and daily treatment. The Institute has a staff of nearly 400 employees. The Institute premises cover 12.500 m2 of net space area, found at 4 different locations (Dornava Ptuj, Maribor and Ormož). Total outdoor surface area of the Institute covers 7.5 hectares of land.

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