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Impressions from the meeting of volunteers, 22/05/2015



The purpose of the meeting was for the volunteers to get to know each other and to share their experience. Volunteers of the Dornava Institute say that their work gives them a feeling of being useful, motivation, momentum, warmth, joy, energy and satisfaction. As a result of spending time with residents of the Dornava Institute, they began to appreciate life more. Through volunteering they meet new interesting people, gain new knowledge and new perspectives on life. Volunteers at the Dornava Institute say that they are distinguished by accuracy, honesty, generosity and willingness to help.

Volunteers are very important for the residents of the Institute and the Institute itself, since their energy and ideas enliven the life of the residents. Residents are often happy to say: "Today my volunteer is coming!" Similarly, volunteers are happy to come to Dornava. At the meeting, one of the volunteers said: "My companions are also my friends!" It could be felt that the companions and the volunteers formed genuine and warm relations.
In any case, this is a reciprocal relationship. Volunteers share their positive energy, leisure, ideas and experiences. All this is reflected through chatter, brought to the Institute by the volunteers. Also, through forming a relationship with a therapeutic dog. Volunteers enrich the time of residents with singing and a visit to various events. However, in order the relationship to be a quality one, the volunteers are seeking co-operation and respect from the residents. Through their work, the volunteers at the Dornava Institute experience personal development, connect with the like-minded and gain professional knowledge.