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Social work

Social Services of the Institute are intended for all users, their parents and their families.

The aim of social work is to enable users to develop, complete, maintain and improve their social abilities, the expansion of their social network and their integration into the broader environment.

Individual social work with users comprises of:

  • Assistance in situational-related social difficulties which they do not know or can not resolve, but they are willing to change their behaviour, seek appropriate solutions and harmonise relations with other people in the social environment and thereby improve the quality of their life
  • Informing users on the rights they have under Slovenian legislation, on education and on the possibilities of participation in leisure activities in the environment
  • Informing users of the potential social welfare services and benefits and the obligations that follow chosen services or benefits
  • Information about the network of social programs outside of the Institute
  • Providing assistance in meeting requests, applications and other forms
  • Advice on solving personal troubles, establishing and maintaining contacts with relatives
  • Support and advice in dealing with problems in relations with users and staff and in conflict situations in the family
  • Preparation of agreements on the type, duration and mode of provision of social services and help in making individual plans for life.

At the RU Centre for guidance, care and employment under special conditions, group social work with users is also carried out.

Working with family members includes individual and group psychosocial support.
Families are offered professional advice and assistance in harmonising relations among family members and in the care and education of children.
Parents or relatives are informed on the procedures for admission, on novelties and changes regarding training and the life of their child at the Institute.
Parents and relatives are also informed of updates, amendments, rights and reliefs they are entitled to according to Slovenian legislation and, in this respect, we provide them with relevant certificates.

Professional social work is complemented by the voluntary work carried out by students of the Faculty of Social Work under mandatory internship.

Social work at the Institute is performed by out two BSc. social workers.